Hello! Thanks so much for stopping by.

I am a Hatha yoga teacher and essential oils educator. At the beginning of 2017 life threw my family some unexpected curve balls.

In April, we discovered that my husband very unexpectedly required open heart surgery and a few months earlier we discovered that a surprise baby would be joining us in October.

It was both a challenging and exciting time but I was not coping very well. I was suffering from morning sickness and was incredibly anxious about the surgery and pregnancy (my middle child arrived at 31 weeks).

I wanted a natural solution to help support me and my family during this time and reached out to a very dear friend to help me. 

doTERRA and their amazing essential oils came into my life at exactly the right time.  I now have access to an oily toolbox that naturally supports my emotional and physical wellbeing. I have reduced the toxic load in my home by utilising the oils and embracing their green cleaning power, check out the blog for some easy and creative cleaning recipes. doTERRA has given me all this as well as opening the door to a wonderful and supportive community.

If you would like to learn more about how essential oils can be integrated into your life, have a nosey around and then reach out. I would love to help you.

These oils truly are 'gifts of the earth'  x K